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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

  • Is Tech Support truly unlimited?

    If you are on an unlimited membership plan, tech support is unlimited.   

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    There are no hidden fees.  Our pricing is up-front and clear.

  • How many changes can we make to our website?

    Unlimited.  I think that is the word you're looking for.  Unlimited.

Website Design

  • Can we sell ads on our website?

    Yes.  If you want to sell ads on your website, just let us know and we'll work the ad space into your site design.  You can sell unlimited ads on your website.

  • Can you provide stock photos and videos for our website?

    Yes.  If you have photos and videos you prefer, be sure to send them to us, otherwise we will use stock photos and videos.

  • Can I choose the website design styling?

    Yes.  If you find something online that you like, send us the link, explain what you like about it and we will try to mimic it to your specifications.  If you can't find an example, just share your thoughts and we will make it happen.

  • Will you help us add content, photos, videos, blog posts?

    Yes, as part of the initial design process we have to add content.  If you provide the content during the design phase we will use that instead of placeholder content.   After the design phase is complete you can add your own content yourself.  If you find yourself so busy that you are unable to keep your website content fresh and updated, and you want help with that, we have monthly content packages you can avail.

  • How do we request changes to our website?

    All changes should be requested through our help desk so we can have the proper developer take care of you.  

    1. Login to using the email and password you signed up with.
    2. Write your request into the form, you can include various attachments if you need to show us examples.

    We will reply to your request asap, typically within 6 hours on business days.

Website Hosting

  • Website storage space

    Currently all website storage is unlimited.  If this policy changes we will notify you.  But, for now, you have unlimited storage space.  

  • Cyber Security?

    Our servers are hosted in Amazon's AWS network.  This means that our servers are behind amazon's cybersecurity tech (Amazon does not want issues with their system so they employ very very very tight security and we benefit from that), plus our own efforts.  


  • Are there extra charges for stuff?

    If you request something outside of our normal process there will be extra charges.  There is so much included in our packages that it is very rare to have additional charges.

  • Do you accept checks or cash?

    We do all financial transactions online.  Payments are processed through Stripe.  You will need a credit or debit card at the time you sign up.

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